What is the definition of work? Work can be described as the effort that a person puts forward to complete a task or activity. Work can be paid or unpaid and usually refers to the job that is done to make a living; it often defines the life of an individual.

Since the province’s founding in 1784, the people of New Brunswick have spent the majority of their waking hours engaged in some kind of work. The nature of work and the workforce has significantly changed over the last two centuries as the economy has changed from mainly agricultural and rural to industrial, technological, and urban. In New Brunswick’s early years, the timber, fishing and shipbuilding industries provided many with work. As technology changed, industrialists saw opportunities in New Brunswick that would create a variety of different jobs for workers. This growth and change in the New Brunswick workforce led to the establishment of trade schools, labour unions, more women in the workplace, increased wages, laws to regulate health and safety of the worker and government policy programs.

This is your invitation to enter the exhibition and virtually explore the history of New Brunswick’s people at work. It’s all in a day’s work!