Sporting & Recreational Activities & Traditions in New Brunswick

Important facets of a society’s character are revealed by the amount of time, energy and money expended on the pursuit of sporting and recreational activities. This premise holds true in New Brunswick as shown by the abundance of images and artifacts that document a broad range of activities and events. Over the past two and a half centuries, as the province became increasingly populous, prosperous and urbanized, sporting activities began to become more organized and the pursuit of recreational activities more important in everyday life.

While the line between sports and recreation can be sometimes hard to define, on the whole, sports imply a competitive activity – an organized endeavour that requires rules, regulations, equipment and goals. On the other hand, recreational activities presuppose a desire to escape workaday concerns and responsibilities in the quest of fun and enjoyment.

From international sports competitions to children’s playground games, New Brunswickers have engaged in sports and recreational activities for the development of skills, improved fitness or, in some cases, even economic necessity. At various points in time, the province has been renowned for the quality of its sports fishery, promoted for the health benefits of surf bathing in the Bay of Fundy or lauded for the abilities of its professional athletes. By planning parks and constructing facilities, communities and organizations have helped to shape the traditions and ceremonies that define New Brunswick’s heritage of sports and recreational activities.

In addition to paying tribute to a fascinating part of the province’s social history, this virtual exhibition is essential for understanding and appreciating the quality of life that we enjoy today.

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