Koluskap & the Giant Skunk

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Down the Wolastoq

After the struggle with Izignapogos that freed the food for everyone, Groundhog warned Koluskap that he was not finished because half-stone man had some friends down below. Koluskap and Mikumwesu, the two brothers, started down the river in their canoe with Koluskap paddling. After a while Mikumwesu said, “Let’s go ashore because that partner of Izignapogos is down here somewhere. You know the one I mean? The Big Skunk who can shoot his spray across the ocean?” Koluskap replied, “Yes, I know him. I’m here to kill dangerous and large animals so let’s go.”


Mikumwesu went ashore and cut a long stick and took it to Koluskap in the canoe. “Sharpen this stick,” instructed Mikumwesu. “We’ll use it to plug him up so he can’t shoot.” Koluskap was reluctant to try that plan as he thought the giant skunk too dangerous. He suggested lighting his pipe so there would be a lot of smoke and that way, the giant skunk wouldn’t be able to direct his spray. Then, while the smoke confused the skunk, Koluskap would jump in and plug him up.


They came around a bend to a narrow place in the river with cliffs on each side. Koluskap saw that the two brothers could not pass any further without risking the danger of the giant skunk because they couldn’t see ahead clearly. Mikumwesu said, “I’ll start smoking and the smoke will rise up like fog.” The little brother took out his pixnoggin, a pouch made out of a whole fisher’s skin, and put his special smoking mixture in his pipe. When the smoke was thick like a fog, they continued their journey through the narrows. Suddenly the Giant Skunk was before them ready to fire. But because of the smoke, Koluskap had time to shove the sharp stick in him and down went the skunk.

Mikumwesu asked, “Why didn’t you pierce him so as to kill him?” Koluskap replied that he hadn’t wanted to kill the giant skunk. He wanted to keep him until he made him small enough that people might use him and not risk getting hurt with spray. “From now on,” claimed Koluskap, “the skunk will have just enough power in his spray to protect himself.”