The Return of Little Thunder

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Wolastoqew Group

Three days later Groundhog’s grandson appeared with Little Thunder, who had little stones protruding from his cheeks. Granddaughter was overjoyed to see her son. Koluskap noticed that when Little Thunder played and the other boys made him angry, he would make a strange noise that sounded like thunder and there was a flash, just like the striking of flint.


Now that part of the family had been reunited, all that was left was for Mikumwesu to return. His brother-in-law, Thunder, wanted to seek him out, but Koluskap advised that Mikumwesu had gone to end of the world but would return within a year and it was better to wait. Agreeing to this, Granddaughter’s brother amused himself by giving the old Chief a mighty scare each day. Lightening would strike the Chief’s camp and cause the poles to fly off of the wigwam.


Meanwhile, Mikumwesu made up his mind to return feeling that something extraordinary had occurred back home. He became anxious to see his wife again so he journeyed home. Arriving at his wigwam, Mikumwesu recognized Little Thunder who was playing outside, and determined to only reveal himself to his son. Seeing Mikumwesu, Little Thunder cried out, “Father!” which was overheard by those inside the wigwam. They rushed out but Mikumwesu was invisible to everyone except Koluskap, who was angered that his brother would try to hide.

Little Thunder

“Why are you hiding?” asked an irritated Koluskap. “You can’t conceal yourself from me so come out. You should be thankful for the wife you won.” Only Mikumwesu could hear Koluskap’s words. The little brother yielded and showed himself to all those present. He was happy to see his son and removed the stones from the little boy’s cheeks and freed him from the power of the thunder. “He will be powerful enough,” claimed Mikumwesu, “because his father is powerful.”

Marriage Celebration

Mikumwesu then went out and brought in more of the special water that Granddaughter had used so long ago to become beautiful. He washed his wife’s face and restored her beauty to look just as she did the night of their marriage. Thunder, her brother, then said, “I knew about the marriage but was unable to be present. We were on a journey southward to kill a huge serpent. We must have the marriage feast all over again!”