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Maurice Sacobie: Boys thatís when my father used to tell me a lot of the stories there about where we lived. Well Iím talking before my time, but he used to live there you know where the church is? There, anyway, anyway, he used to have to go to the store every night, I guess to get something like for his mother and said heíd walk up there every night. And each night come back, he said thereíd be somebody following him. Why I couldnít see nobody, doesnít see a light, doesnít even stop, walking. Then, another night, up here, thereís like a break in the fence up there. Thereís something running back and forth, every time I walk by, it run back and forth, back and forth. You know sound like a horse, he said this here thing here fall in behind and every night I go to store. Thereís a little gully there when I get to that, he says, Iíd see the house, the house he said, thatís when Iíd start stretching my legs a little more that thing was right behind me. And as soon as I get into that old gully that thing would disappear so when I got to the house see the lights, well, he could see the lamps, eh, the gullyís down here and thatís when Iíd start running. He said, I couldnít see that thing anymore every other night, well, every time heíd go to the store somebodyís there. I donít know, forerunners or somebody, you know?