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Maurice Sacobie: I remember one time in Oromocto there, back as a young man we go up there at night; I’d go up there, eh. My godmother, she had a bunch of girls there, eh, young girls, and where she lived there’s a little dirt road going, and on the right hand side there’s a little brook and there’s a little ridge there. We’s all standing on the hill, just a bunch of boys and me. Somebody looked, “Look, what’s that across the brook, somebody with a white head.” We used to call that a forerunner, eh. We started running, harder, to my godmother’s house, ran in, fell in, eh, “What’s the matter with you fellas?” Didn’t bother her. She said, “Nobody out there.” “Yes there is!” Come to find out who done that was her son down there, scaring us. He come in later on, [indecipherable] it was so real, eh, you couldn’t, tricks being done like were just, so real, you know, live.