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Maurice Sacobie: John Sacobie, he was an elder down in Oromocto, he was quite a storyteller. Boys he could tell stories, I wish I could tell stories like that. Way back in his time, eh, and the way he told them it was just like you were there, you know, the way he was going about them: what happened, what for or in the working camps, logging camps where he worked a lot of times, farms, ah, oh, he could tell them. Ghost stories, that’s what I used to like to hear, boy. But when he got done [laughs] we had no lights eh, just lamps. Our room, our house wasn’t any bigger than this, kept the lamp on all night. Mom, her room was maybe smaller than this, could just see the light, eh. He’d go on, telling them all night long, couldn’t hardly see. But the way he told it, just like it was so real. Talk about forerunners and different things, witches, he’d talk about that.