Balls, Bats & Boats Origami Magic Fortune Teller Instructions

Click here to print Origami Magic Fortune Teller!

This origami game is a very popular paper fold, sometimes called a magic fortune teller.

You will need an 8.5 x 11" piece of paper and a pair of scissors.

Print the page below and cut along dotted line to form a square. Fold with printed side down according to the directions below.

  1. Fold the opposite corners together to make a crease. It will look like a triangle. Unfold. Fold the other opposite corners to make a crease. Unfold. You will now have a square piece of paper with diagonal creases going from corner to corner.
  2. Fold each corner to the center. It will look like a square. Turn the paper over.
  3. Fold the new corners to the center. It will look like a smaller square. Do not turn over.
  4. Fold the square in half from edge to edge in both directions.
  5. Turn square over and put thumbs and forefingers under each flap and bring fingers together toward middle.
  6. Your Balls, Bats & Boats Origami game is ready to play.

Game rules:

  1. Ask a friend to choose one of the colors shown.
  2. Spell out the chosen color by opening and closing the game, as you spell the colour.
  3. Have your friend choose one of the numbers on the inside that is shown. Count out the number as you open and close the game. Ask your friend to chose one of the numbers shown. Ask the question printed under the number.
  4. Check under the flap for the correct answer.
  5. Play again!
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