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Welcome to the Mycology Web Pages created and maintained by Dr. David Malloch. Dr. Malloch is a Research Associate of the New Brunswick Museum, which is proud to link to these informative and engaging pages. He is also an emeritus professor at the University of Toronto and a distinguished mycologist.

The Mycology Web Pages were created in celebration of the astounding diversity of fungi and our unending fascination with them. Several approaches to the subject are taken here, and these are presented as separate but extensively interlinked web projects. Click on the icons to see what is here.

Natural History of Fungi

NATURAL HISTORY OF THE FUNGI. These pages explore the fascinating world of fungi in their natural habitats. Topics cover what fungi are, where they grow, what they do and how they reproduce. This is the place to begin if you are a newcomer to mycology.


MOULDS. An online reference manual for the isolation, cultivation and identification of moulds. The emphasis is on identification but information on many aspects of practical work with moulds is also presented.


CHECKLISTS. Here you will find checklists for fungi occurring in specific geographical areas. These are especially useful for collectors who want to learn which species are found in their area. Checklists are also useful to people studying the biogeography of fungi.


ESSAYS ON FUNGI. These are specific topics on fungi that are examined in detail. These might include discussions of geographical distributions of fungi, unusual sightings, new records or topics of interest to naturalists.


DISCUSSION PAGES. Some pages offer several choices, or present material that needs clarification. Clicking on the question mark in the upper left-hand corner brings up a page offering further discussion of the topic.

NB Museum

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