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Pseudoarmillariella ectypoides (Peck) Singer

Picture of <i>Pseudoarmillariella ectypoides</i>

Gregarious (many) on a rotting conifer log in mixed forest of Acer saccharinum, Betula alleghaniensis, Abies balsamea, Populus tremuloides and Betula papyrifera, Nepisiguit Protected Natural Area, New Brunswick (16-08-16/06).

Basidiospores forming a white spore print, ellipsoidal, smooth, strongly amyloid, 5.8-8.2 X 4.1-4.9 µm, D/d = 1.42-1.90 (average[33]: 7.1 X 4.3 µm, D/d = 1.64). Pileipellis a cutis of encrusted hyphae.

Known in the older literature as Clitocybe ectypoides, it is now recognized as the type species of the tongue-twisting, 19-letter genus Pseudoarmillariella. Recognized by its brown goblet-shaped caps bearing minute scales, decurrent gills and growth on dead conifer logs. Microscopically it is characterized by smooth amyloid basidiospores and encrusted pileipellar hyphae. The basidia and quite long in relation to their width, resembling those of some species of Hygrocybe.

Photograph: D. Malloch (16-08-16/06).